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There are significant benefits to using our service.

Benefits to the instructor


  • Increase business from pupils who may be short of cash but keen to use a credit card.
  • Encourage block bookings and intensive courses by offering easy card payments.
  • By taking advance payments you can firm up telephone bookings.
  • Reduce risk from lessons not paid on the day.
  • Compete with similar services offered by larger driving school organisations.
  • Pre-payment for lessons results in less last minute cancellations.


  • Save money - remove the need to accept cheques and risk of holding cash, and reduce bank charges.
  • Save time - no need to visit the ATM.
  • Maximise teaching time.
  • Less administration and time spent on banking.

Benefits to your pupils

  • No need to carry cash.
  • No lost lesson time through visiting ATMs.
  • Able to pay for lessons even when cash poor using credit card.
  • Can encourage additional parental payment.

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